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Coven Of Chukars

The Awful Truth About Mousetraps

Bear Likes Suet Cakes

Male Bear Discovers How To Take Down Suet Cakes

Male Bear Can't Climb Feeder So Takes It Out On The Lantern

Mama Bear With Cubs. Cinnamon Attacks Decoy.

Mama Bear Pole Dance

Say It Aint So

2014 04 25 Corn's On

2014 04 25 Corn's On

Who's Afraid Of Corn.wmv

2014 06 16 Eating Is Soooo Tiring

Uncle Bucklette and Fawns

Who's The Boss

The Gang's All Here

Learning To Stomp

2014 10 01 Eating Apples

Turkeys Just Passing Through

Life Coach Momma

Squirrel In The Snow

I'm The MAN

2015 04 14 Avoid Capture

Pathetic Toms

2015 05 23 Camera Shy

Why The Birdbath Water Gets Dirty

Too Complex For A Title

Where's The Fox When He's Needed

2015 08 10 A Bunch Of Babies

Two Feeders Aren't Enough

First Antlers This Season (2015)

2015 11 11 Count The Whiskers

2015 11 24 Bird Bully

That's Why We're Turkeys

So Spoiled

Invitation To Dinner


PA Serengeti

Still So Spoiled

Finallly, Some White Stuff